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when u just look at lee pace as thranduil and u just no 

HIGHLIGHTS - DallasCon 2014 J2 Breakfast


  • The Mockumentary was situationally scripted but all ad libbed & MUCH LONGER
  • Jensen still feels pressure about tweeting, he consults Jared or someone before each tweet
  • It was Jared’s idea to follow up the #LonelyJensen tweet
  • J2 Confirm they are raising their families…


Star Trek Into Darkness - Full Gag Reel

9 more til my next hundred!


"The villain is in control. The villain is a mask of elegance and style behind which is a worrying and brilliant intelligence but the tricky is to make it all look easy. We never bring us sweat, we don’t get our hands dirty", - Tom Hiddleston in Jaguar commercial.


Tom Hiddleston by Lorenzo Agius - Part I [source]

It’s when that Tom Hiddleston is in the next film: James Bond ?

Hal is writing a letter to me.